After an extensive testing process, Blooming Innovations introduces four new, self-bred varieties of Delphinium. The varieties’ unique colours and strong characteristics made them pass all tests with flying colours. 

Self-bred varieties 

As the name suggests, Blooming Innovations is constantly looking for valuable additions to its range of Hydrangea, Delphinium and Limonium. Over the past period, several new varieties of Delphinium have been bred and tested on a wide range of aspects. From this, four new varieties emerged that are not only an interesting addition to the Blooming Innovations range in terms of colour, but also meet the grower’s high quality requirements.

Strong characteristics

The new varieties Snow White, Purple Heart, Navy Blue and Magenta Mojo have unique, striking colours. The latter in particular becomes available at a very favourable time: Magenta has in fact been voted trend colour of the year 2023 by colour institute Pantone! Besides having long stems with large flowers in unique colours, the new varieties also have very strong characteristics. For example, they do very well in transport and last a long time in the vase.


Source: BP Nieuws