blooming Innovations specialise in

growing the special flowers Hydrangea, Delphinium and Limonium.

Our nursery is located in Kenya, Africa. The excellent growing conditions there mean that we can supply our range 365 days a year. Our central location close to Nairobi Airport means that our products are also available worldwide.

blooming development

Blooming Africa LTD is our subsidiary and has been growing our products since 2013. We started in the town of Gilgil with 1 hectare of cut hydrangeas, convinced that this location offered us the best growing conditions for this product. That went well, and the positive reactions from the market combined with our own enthusiasm soon prompted us to expand to 3 hectares. The range was supplemented with Limonium and Delphinium, and since then we have focused on these three products.


We’re always looking for new ideas. At the moment we are particularly doing this through development within our main products. We work together with breeders to constantly expand our range and varieties. We produce our own base material, because plants that are produced locally are best adapted to the climatic conditions.


It is not just the year-round availability of our products that gives rise to enthusiastic reactions – the high quality does too. And we’re proud of that. Our products must offer excellent quality. We choose to only supply products with a guaranteed long vase life. That’s something our customers can rely on. Looking for a bespoke solution? No problem. We welcome the opportunity to work closely with our customers and help them find the right flowers for any occasion.

a sustainable and socially responsible business

We want to grow the most beautiful cut flowers with exceptional quality. We like to do this with awareness, caring about people and the environment.
We are Global G.A.P. certified, which shows that we go the extra mile when it comes to the environment and employee welfare. It also shows that our products and processes are of outstanding quality. Alongside Kenya’s other leading flower growers, we are also a member of the Kenyan Flower Council (KFC), an internationally recognised quality assurance system for Kenyan cut flowers.
We are also very committed to our employees and the area around a nursery. We believe that it’s our duty to ensure that the surrounding area flourishes and benefits from our business. Our employees receive medical care and food, and we provide sanitation and clean drinking water.