Striking stems bursting with romance

The Delphinium is a familiar flower; we have been able to enjoy it for as long as ‘gardening’ has been a thing. There are more than 250 varieties of Delphinium. That means that there’s an appropriate colour for every occasion and use! This positive flower symbolises truth, protection and loving devotion.

Delphinium range

Dewi Spijker

Length 70-80-90-100-120 cm

Dewi Boy

Length  70-80-90-100-120 cm

Dewi Blue Star

Length  70-80-90-100-120 cm

Dewi Lady

Length  70-80-90-100-120 cm

Dewi Siberia

Length  70-80-90-100-120 cm


Length 100-120 cm

Pink Floyd

Length  70-80-90-100-120 cm

We are keen to surprise you with the most beautiful, most unusual and best flowers. Flowers with an exclusive character that make the difference. Our range consists of Hydrangea, Delphinium and Limonium. Seasonal flowers? Not with us. We can supply our flowers 365 days a year. Available for every important occasion to celebrate life!