completes every bouquet

The summery Limonium is definitely back, and even trendier now than in the 1980s! Its ‘vintage’ look means that it works very well in dramatic bouquets, helping to soften them and add depth. But it also steals the show on its own thanks to its delicate petals that almost look like they’re made of paper. In the wild you can find Limonium around the Mediterranean.

Limonium range

Safora Oshi Pink

Length 60-70-80 cm

Safora Lilac

Length 60-70-80 cm

Maine Blue

Length 60-70-80 cm

Dark Blue

Length 60-70-80 cm

We are keen to surprise you with the most beautiful, most unusual and best flowers. Flowers with an exclusive character that make the difference. Our range consists of Hydrangea, Delphinium and Limonium. Seasonal flowers? Not with us. We can supply our flowers 365 days a year. Available for every important occasion to celebrate life!